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Information about the ministries on this web site is also available in a printed brochure.

  • You may print your own copies of the brochure for use in your organization as long as you do not make changes. (If changes are needed, please contact the NMSU InterFaith Council WebMaster, Jim Ficklin,

  • You will need Adobe Actobat Reader v.5.0, or higher, to view and print the brochure. You can get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader at this link: Get Adobe 

  • The brochure is designed for printing on both sides of 8 1/2 X 14 legal size paper.

  • Fold the brochure like this.

    1.-->1st Fold
    Lay the sheet with the IFC "flame" side up and fold in half.
    2.-->2nd Fold
    Then fold the IFC "flame" column back to the left.
    3.-->3rd Fold
    Flip over and fold the remaining 1/4 over to the right.

    The finished brochure will be "accordian folded" like this.
    Fold Done

    NOTE: This is a pretty large file. Be patient, especially if you are on a dial-up connection. It may take awhile to download.

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