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Bahai gate The Baha'i Faith lovingly shares that 68% of the world's population is non-Christian and 32% is Christian. The Baha'i Student Association at NMSU shares that all the major religions came from the same Creator and are paths to Him.

The Baha'i writings state that God has never asked anyone to follow Him blindly. He has given everyone a mind and reason that is likened unto a torchlight that will lead to truth. Wars exist because of ignorance based on blind imitation.

The Prophets of the Baha'i Faith revealed Truth over 160 years ago. The world wide organization of the Baha'i Faith is administered by elected bodies in which men and women are equal. We invite you to investigate for yourself.

Please call us at (575) 524-1449 or contact us through our website for conversation or literature.

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